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Architectural drawings and maps of Yale University buildings and grounds

Call Number: RU 1

Scope and Contents

The materials consist of design, preliminary, working, shop, and "as built" architectural drawings and maps of buildings and grounds owned or used by Yale University. The drawings range from original concepts to full scale details of equipment and ornamentation. The media vary from water colors, pen and ink sketches, pencil on tracing paper drawings to blueprints and photostats.


  • circa 1728-2002

Conditions Governing Access

The materials are open for research. Series I is available on aperture cards, and patrons must use the aperture cards instead of the original drawings. Special permission from the Head of Manuscripts and Archives is required to use original drawings in Series I.

Original born digital files, as well as preservation masters, may not be accessed due to their fragility. Researchers must consult use copies, or if none exist request that they be made. Born digital files cannot be accessed remotely. System requirements include a Manuscripts and Archives computer and file viewing software.

Existence and Location of Copies

Series I is available on aperture cards.

Immediate Source of Acquisition

The drawings and maps included in this collection have come from a variety of sources, including transfers from the Yale offices concerned with building design, construction, and maintenance; other Yale offices; and individual donors. Additional drawings and maps of Yale buildings and facilities that do not form an integral body of records on their own are added to this collection.


The materials are arranged in two series: Series I. Drawings accessioned before 1980 and subsequently microfilmed. Series II. Drawings accessioned since 1980 and not microfilmed.


1783.67 Linear Feet (868 boxes)

Language of Materials


Catalog Record

A record for this collection is available in Orbis, the Yale University Library catalog

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The materials consist of design, preliminary, working, shop, and "as built" architectural drawings and maps of buildings and grounds owned or used by Yale University. The drawings range from original concepts to full scale details of equipment and ornamentation. The media vary from water colors, pen and ink sketches, pencil on tracing paper drawings to blueprints and photostats.

Other Finding Aids

A spreadsheet (.xls) listing boxes and aperture cards by building is also available.

Separated Materials

The Louis Kahn drawing of the Yale Center for British Art (formerly Series I, Box 29) were transferred to the Yale Center for British Art in 2022.

General note

Forms part of Yale Record Group 46-A (YRG 46-A), Records and materials broadly documenting Yale buildings, facilities, and grounds.

Appendix: Region List

1 Elm St > College St > Chapel St > High St (Old Campus block)
2 Chapel St > Howe St > George St > College St
3 Elm St > Howe St > Chapel St > York St
4 Elm St > York St > Chapel St > High St
5 Tower Parkway > Broadway > York St
6 Ashmun St > Lake Place > Dixwell Ave > Tower Parkway (Payne Whitney Gymnasium block)
7 Wall St > York St > Elm St > High St (Sterling Memorial Library/Trumbull College block)
8 Grove St > York St > Wall St > High St (Yale Law School block)
9 Wall St > High St > Elm St > College St (Cross Campus block)
10 Grove St > High St > Wall St > College St (Hewitt Quadrangle block)
11 Wall St > College St > Elm St > Church St
12 Grove St > College St > Wall St > Church St
13 Trumbull St > Prospect St > Grove St > Hillhouse Ave
14 Trumbull St > Hillhouse Ave > Grove St > Whitney Ave
15 Sachem St > Prospect St > Canal St
16 Sachem St > Prospect St > Trumbull St > Hillhouse Ave
17 Sachem St > Hillhouse Ave > Trumbull St > Whitney Ave
18 Edwards St > Whitney Ave > Trumbull St > Orange St
19 Highland St > Winchester Ave > Sachem St > Prospect
20 Edwards St > Prospect St > Sachem St > Whitney Ave
21 Canner St > Prospect St > Edwards St > Whitney Ave (Yale Divinity School)
22 South Frontage Rd > Park St > Howard Ave > Congress Ave (Yale-New Haven Medical Complex)
23 Observatories - excluding 135 Prospect and Winchester Observatory on Canner St
24 Outdoor Recreation Center and Yale forests - excluding Marsh Botanical Gardens and Marsh Hall
25 Athletic facilities - excluding boathouses and on-campus gymnasium
26 Boathouses and boats
27 Miscellaneous - not located in the on-campus regions
28 Yale-China campus (Chang-sha, Yuan-ling, Kwei-yang, Kwei-lin, Hsi-chow, Wu-chang, and Hong Kong)
90 Proposals for un-built structures, not including buildings subsequently constructed in a manner different from the original proposal, or proposed additions to buildings. (Proposals for constructed buildings can be located throughout the first 28 regions.)
92 Unidentified buildings
95 Maps of Yale properties
97 Non-Yale structures
98 Thesis drawings

Appendix: Region/Chronology List

1:1Yale College House
1:2Connecticut Hall (344 College St)
1:5Brick Row
1:7Second President's House [Analytical Lab] (380 College St, 1799-1860)
1:9Conncecticut Lyceum (1803-1901)
1:10Philosophical Building [1820 Commons; Cabinet] (1819-1890)
1:11North College (Brick Row, 1820-1901)
1:14Trumbull Gallery [Treasury Building]
1:16Divinity College (Brick Row, 1835-1869)
1:17Dwight Hall (67 High St, 1842/1846)
1:19Alumni Hall (206 Elm)
1:20Street Hall (1071 Chapel, 1864/1866)
1:23Farnam Hall (380 College St)
1:24Durfee Hall (198 Elm St, 1870/1871)
1:25Battell Chapel
1:26Pierson, Abraham statue (1874)
1:27Silliman Statue
1:28Dwight Hall (67 High St, 1885-1926)
1:30Chittenden Hall (63 High St)
1:31Osborn Hall (Corner of Chapel and College, 1888-1926)
1:32Welch Hall (330 College St)
1:33Vanderbilt Hall and Gateway (1035 Chapel St)
1:35Phelps Hall and Gateway (344 College St)
1:36Theodore Dwight Woolsey Statue
1:39Linsly Hall (63 High St)
1:40Wright Memorial Hall (206 Elm St, 1911/1912)
1:41Daniels Memorial Gateway (202 Elm St)
1:44Charles W. Bingham Hall (300 College St, 1926/1928)
2:11st President's House (Chapel St across from Yale College, 1722-1801)
2:2Divinity House, Prof. of (York St, 1757/1758))
2:3Medical School Building
2:8Medical Laboratory (156 York St)
2:15149 York Street
2:191094-1106 Chapel St (1966)
2:241074 Chapel St (1967)
2:251080 Chapel St (1967)
2:29Yale Repertory Theatre (1120 Chapel St)
2:33Yale Center for British Art (1080 Chapel St)
3:2Yale University Club (184 York St)
3:3Garland Apartments (242 York )
3:4Wolf's Head (210 York )
3:6226 York
3:7University Theatre (222 York St)
3:25Davenport College (248 York St)
3:25Pierson College (231 Park St, 1930/1932)
3:26Briton Hadden Memorial Building (202 York St)
3:32Beta Theta Pi (204 York)
3:35St. Thomas More Chapel and St. Thomas More House
3:36245 York
3:37Alpha Sigma Phi (217 Park St)
3:38Manuscript (344 Elm St, 1956/1962)
3:43Art and Architecture Building (182 York)
3:60Zeta Psi (212 York)
3:61Alumni House/Delta Kappa Epsilon (232 York)
3:63Rose Alumni House [Delta Kappa Epsilon] (232 York St)
4:1Skull and Bones (64 High St, 1856)
4:3Peabody Museum (1873/76-1917)
4:4Sloane Physical Laboratory (5 Library St, 1882/1883-1931)
4:28Branford College (74 High St)
4:28Saybrook College (242 Elm St)
4:28Memorial Quadrangle
4:29Weir Hall (66 High St)
4:31199 York
4:34Jonathan Edwards College (68 High St)
4:34Jonathan Edwards College (Dickinson and Wheelock Halls)
4:37Yale University Art Gallery (1111 Chapel St)
4:41Library Street (1123-1125 Chapel St)
5:9Alpha Chi Rho (310 York St)
5:10Hall of Graduate Studies (320 York St)
5:1427 Broadway
5:16Morse College (302 York St)
5:17Ezra Stiles College (19 Tower Pkwy)
5:18Old Yale Coop (77 Broadway, 1962)
6:4Central Power Plant (18 Ashmun, 1918)
6:5University Operations
6:1074 Ashmun
6:16Payne Whitney Gymnasium (70 Tower Pkwy)
6:17Thompkins, Ray House (20 Tower Pkwy, 1931/1932)
6:2532 Ashmun
6:2630 Ashmun
6:2850-52 Ashmun
6:2956 Ashmun
6:3334-44 Ashmun
7:4University Gymnasium (Sloan Gym, 1890/92-1932)
7:5Carnegie Swimming Pool
7:10Psi Upsilon (120 High)
7:25Artillery Hall (1917-1927)
7:30Zeta Psi (301 York St, 1898/1899
7:31Sterling Memorial Library (120 High St)
7:35245-247 Elm
7:36Trumbull College (241 Elm St)
8:1Hopkins Hall (134 High St, 1840-1930)
8:16Sterling Law Buildings (127 Wall St)
9:2East Divinity Hall [Edwards Hall] (1869/1870-1931)
9:4West Divinity Hall (Taylor)
9:14Gibbs Hall (125 High St, 1895-1932)
9:15Music School [President's House] (470 College St, 1886-1919)
9:16Fayerweather Hall (1900/01-1933)
9:20Haughton Hall (1909-1933)
9:21Day Missions Library (1911-1931)
9:23Porter Gateway (1902)
9:24Albert Sprague Memorial Hall (470 College St, 1916/1917)
9:26120 College
9:33William L. Harkness Hall (100 Wall St)
9:34Calhoun College (189 Elm St)
9:35Berkeley College (205 Elm St)
9:36Cross Campus Library (120 High St)
10:1Scroll and Key (490 College St, 1869)
10:13University Dining Hall (Commons) (168 Grove St)
10:13Woolsey Hall (College and Grove, 1900/1901)
10:18Woodbridge Hall (105 Wall St)
10:24Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library (123 Wall St, 1963)
10:Allen Keith Memorial
10:Plan of Hewitt Quadrangle with Bicentennial Buildings
10:Proposed Administration Building
11:3Hendrie Hall (165 Elm St)
11:6Elizabethan Club (459 College St)
11:776 Wall
11:1066 Wall
11:17Dept. of Health [School of Music] (435 College St, 1930)
11:18325-27 Temple
11:19Stoeckel Hall (96 Wall St)
12:1Saint Anthony Hall, Old [Delta Psi] (483 College, 1894-1913)
12:7Byers Hall (505 College St)
12:8Vanderbilt-Scientific Halls (#1) (77-87 Wall St, 1903/06)
12:11Vanderbilt-Scientific Halls (#2) (505 College St, 1906)
12:21Bureau of Appointments Building (144 Grove St)
12:26Timothy Dwight College (345 Temple St)
12:28Silliman College (505 College St)
12:29St. Anthony Hall (493 College St)
13:1South Sheffield Hall (159 Grove St)
13:2North Sheffield Hall (45 Prospect, 1872-1967)
13:3Sheffield Mansion (6 Hillhouse Ave)
13:5Winchester Hall (15 Prospect St, 1842-1968)
13:16Sheffield-Sterling-Strathcona Hall (1931/1932)
13:17Dana House (24 Hillhouse Ave)
13:18Becton Engineering and Applied Science Center (15 Prospect St)
14:4Mason Laboratory (9 Hillhouse Ave, 1911)
14:11 Warner House [Book and Snake] [The Cloister] (1 Hillhouse)
14:15Vernon Hall (370 Temple)
14:16430 Temple (1956)
14:22Rosenfeld Hall (Saint Elmo Hall)
14:25University Health Services Center (17 Hillhouse, 1971)
14:3188 Trumbull
15:1Old Sigma Kappa (124 Prospect, 1890-1906)
15:2Hammond Hall (14 Mansfield St)
15:6Book and Bond (8 Prospect St, 1899)
15:9Social Science Library [Berkeley Divinity; Urban Hall] (140 Prospect Street, 1957)
16:689 Trumbull
16:787 Trumbull
16:8111 Prospect (38 Hillhouse)
16:10135 Prospect Street
16:1160 Sachem
17:0Survey of Hillhouse Property
17:5John North House (158 Whitney)
17:9President's House (43 Hillhouse Ave)
17:1285 Trumbull
18:4155 Whitney
19:2Marsh Hall [Marsh House, 1878] (360 Prospect St)
19:7Irving Fisher House (460 Prospect)
19:17David S. Ingalls Rink (73 Sachem St)
19:19William B. Greeley Memorial Lab (370 Prospect, 1959)
19:25218 Prospect
20:1Sloane Physics Laboratory (217 Prospect, 1911/1912)
20:2Osborn Memorial Laboratory (165 Prospect St)
20:3Pierson-Sage Power Plant (41 Sachem, 1913)
20:5Sterling Chemistry Laboratory (225 Prospect St)
20:6Peabody Museum of Natural History (170 Whitney Ave)
20:7Sage-Bowers Hall (205 Prospect St)
20:11Sachem's Wood (1828)
20:13Accelerator Laboratories (272 Whitney Ave)
20:14Josiah Williard Gibbs Research Laboratories (260 Whitney Ave, 1955)
20:15Peabody Museum (Oceanography and Ornithology Lab - West Wing of Peabody Museum)
20:19Kline Geology Laboratory (210 Whitney Ave)
20:21Arthur Wright Nuclear Structures Laboratory (272 Whitney Ave, 1964)
20:23Kline Biology Tower (219 Prospect St)
21:1Winchester Observatory
21:4Heliostat Building (Canner St, 1915-1957)
21:6Sterling Divinity Quadrangle (409 Prospect St)
21:9Bellamy Hall (Canner, 1957)
22:1North Ward [State Hospital; Knight Hospital] (1833-1930)
22:7George Bronson Farnam Operating Ampitheatre
22:14Medical Clinic Amphitheatre
22:22Jane Ellen Hope Memorial Building (315 Cedar St)
22:24Howard Building [Isolation Pavillion] (Howard and Davenport, 1914-1963)
22:29Nathan Smith Hall (62 Park)
22:46Private Pavilion (Winchester Hospital)
22:50Sterling Hall of Medicine (333 Cedar St)
22:50Sterling Hall of Medicine, Library Wing (333 Cedar St)
22:51Sterling Power Plant (309 Congress Ave)
22:61Brady Laboratory Annex (310 Cedar St)
22:67Farnam Memorial Building (310 Cedar St)
22:68Lauder Hall (310 Cedar St)
22:99Raleigh Fitkin Memorial Pavilion (789 Howard, 1928/1930)
22:134Tompkins, Sarah Wey memorial Pavillion (789 Howard St, 1931/1932)
22:145Laundry (Yale-New Haven Hospital)
22:165Connecticut Mental Health Center (34 Park St)
22:167Laboratory of Epidemiology and Public Health
22:168Laboratory of Clinical Investigation (Howard and Davenport, 1965)
22:188Betsy Ross House ( 1 South St)
23:3Bethany Observing Station (Bethany, CT, 1958)
23:4Yale-Columbia Observatory (Southern Observatory)
25:1Yale Field (251-257 Derby Ave, West Haven, 1902)
25:2Yale Bowl (251 Derby Ave, West Haven, 1902)
25:3Yale Armory (70 Central Ave, 1917)
25:4Yale Golf Course (102 Ray Rd, 1923)
25:5Lapham Field House (355 Derby Ave, West Haven, 1924)
25:6Walter Camp Field Gateway (251 Derby Ave, 1927/1928)
25:9Quonset Huts (Quarters for Veterans, circa 1945))
26:1Tomlinson's Bridge Boat House (Quinnipiac River, New Haven Harbor, 1866-1875)
26:2Yale Boat House (258 East Chapel, 1875-1910)
26:3Gales Ferry Boat House (Gales Ferry, CT)
26:4Adee Boat House (74 Forbes Ave, East Haven, 1909/1910)
26:5Bob Cook Boat House (Housatonic River, Housatonic Ave, Derby, CT, 1924)
27:6Liggett Building [Exchange Building] (855-871 Chapel St, 1928)
27:12Amity Animal Research Facility [Yale Amity Farm] (Old Amity Rd, Bethany, CT, 1960)
27:20Armory (192 Armory)
27:24Lewis Walpole Library (Farmington, CT, 1980)
27:25W. S. Lewis House (Walpole Library)
27:28Yale Farms
28:2Atterbury Memorial Chapel (Yali) (Changsha, China, 1916-1942)
28:11Wright Dormitory (Yali) (Changsha, China)
28:15Chang Sha Hunan in China
28:15Hsiang-Ya Hospital (Changsha, China)
28:35Anatomy Building (Hsiang-Ya)
28:64Animal House (Hsiang-Ya)
28:76University Health Center (New Asia College)
90:10Dormitory Region 1
90:20Gateway Region 1
90:23University Development Region 1
90:25Hillhouse Property Development
90:27Berkeley Oval Dorm Extension
90:29Library for Yale-China
90:30Theatre (unidentified region)
90:31Proposed Medical School Development
90:35Proposed Dormitory (High, York, Elm, Library Streets)
90:40Tunnel across College Street
90:50Ice Skating Rink (unidentified location)
90:53Proposed University Development
90:60Dormitory Region 1
90:70Dormitory Region 1
90:80Yale Memorial Receiving Vault (Mausoleum)
90:83Medical School Development
90:90Ward Unit "A" Region 22
90:100Ward Unit "A" Region 22
90:100Women's Dormitory
90:100Women's Dormitory (unidentified region)
90:104Library Building (Central China College)
90:105Chemistry Laboratory (Central China College)
90:106Procter Memorial Building (Central China College--Wuchang)
90:107Physics Laboratory (Central China College--Wuchang)
90:110Chemical Engineering Laboratory
90:1173 Barracks Buildings (Region 20)
90:120Yale-China Reconstruction
90:122Administration Building (corner of Wall and High)
90:130New Campus
90:140Berkeley Divinity School Housing (Region 15)
90:150High-Wall Complex (Region 10)
90:160Berkeley Divinity School Housing (Region 15)
90:170Berkeley Divinity School Development
90:185Whitney Avenue
92:1Alteration for a library and photography area
92:2Fire-proof exhibit room and book vault
92:3Sketch of partial plan
92:4Elevation and plan of new gate
92:6Elevation and plan of stairway
92:8Front stoop (alterations)
92:10Sketch of interior common room
92:11Sketch of museum case and museum floor plan
92:12Music Room (?)
92:13Typical floor plan 1971
92:15FSD of granite head, jamb, and sill of basement windows
92:16Telephone switching and booth
92:19Details of stoop gate 1901
92:20Interior elevations
95:5Land in Plainfield
95:6Land between Howe, Dwight, Elm, and Whalley
95:7Lot between Temple and Church
95:8Land from Howe to Dwight and beyond
95:9Plan of land at north end of Plainfield (Stephen Bull's land)
95:10Lots of land laid out by Moses Marsfield, heirs of Theophilus Eaton, Thomas Leek, etc.
95:20Tract sold by Col. Ball to W. C. Whitney
95:22Lots on Howe, Sherman, Martin, Samaritin
95:26Farm in Oxford, CT bequeathed by Sheldon Park
95:27Red Oak Farm in Oxford, CT, bequeated by Sheldon Park
95:28Land in Oxford, CT, bequeathed by Sheldon Park
95:30Building lots on Dwight and Martin Streets
95:34Building lots on Gill Street
95:40Map of the "President's pasture" on Maple, Howe, Whalley, Dwight
95:44Diagram of Yale land with extension of Dwight Street from Maple to Whalley laid out by Wyllis Warner
95:50Proposed street on Whalley, Dwight, and Maple block
95:60Land from Whitney to Rock St., Mill River, Orange, and Cold Spring
95:70Hillhouse, Grove, Prospect, Trumbull Streets
95:75Old Campus--sewer, water and gas lines
95:80Old Campus plus Library Street--heating and water
95:85College buildings west of High Street--Sloane Lab, Kent Lab, Commons (old)
95:86Elm Street--Peabody Museum (old) and Old Gymnasium
95:87Old Campus plus Psychological Lab and Divinity (old)
95:95Wall, College, Grove, High Streets, Scroll and Key
95:98Cedar, Congress, Rose Streets
95:100College, Chapel, York Streets to Wall Street
95:104Old Campus--Bicentennial torchlight procession
95:106Chapel, York, Grove, Prospect, Trumbull, and Elm Streets to College
95:111Corner of Park and Edgewood Streets
95:115Chapel, York, Broadway, York Sq. Pl., Ashmun, canal, Sachem, Mansfield, Whitney, Elm, College
95:121Rose Street block: property lines on half, buildings on half
95:122Congress, Howard, Davenport, Broad, Palmer, Rose Streets
95:123Chapel, York, Grove, College Streets
95:124120, 122, 126 College Street
95:125Winchester and Sachem Streets
95:130Old Campus--sidewalks
95:132Chapel, York, Grove, and College Streets
95:133NW corner of Elm and High
95:136York and Ashmun Streets
95:140York, High, Elm, and Library (Herrick Hall, Carpenter shop, store house, heating plant)
95:141York, Elm, High, Library Streets (heating plant)
95:145Crown, York, Boradway, York Sq. Pl., Ashmun, Bristol, canal, Webster, Sachem, Whitney, Church, etc.
95:146Sachem, Winchester, Woodland, Mansfield, Division, Prospect, Highland, Whitney
95:148Pierson-Sage Square: Prospect, Edwards, Whitney Streets to Sachem
95:150Chapel, York, Grove, College: plot plan of tunnels and electrical conduits
95:152Chapel, York, Library, High Streets
95:156Plot plan of tunnels: Chapel, York, Grove, College Streets
95:162Congress, Howard, Davenport, Broad, Palmer, Rose Streets
95:170Cedar, Broad, Rose, Congress Streets
95:180Pierson-Sage Square
95:186Map of Property.218-226 York Steet
95:192Elm, College, Wall, High Streets
95:202NW corner of College and Chapel Streets
95:205Congress, Howard, Davenport, Broad, Palmer, and Rose Streets
95:210Wall, York, Grove, High Streets
95:213York, Ashmun, York Square Place
95:215Grove, York Square Place, Ashmun, Lake Place, Dixwell
95:230Broad, Cedar, Davenport Streets
95:233South, York, Oak, Davenport Streets
95:236College, Grove, High, Wall Streets
95:238Cedar, Congress, Howard, Davenport
95:240Elm, College, Wall, Temple Streets
95:243College, Chapel, High, Elm Streets
95:248Plan for dev'l.: Chapel, York, Ashmun, Lock, Canal, Prospect, Trumbull, Temple, Elm, College
95:252Elm, College, Wall, High Streets
95:257Palmer, Rose, Lafayette, and Broad Streets
95:262Chapel, York, Library, High Streets
95:263Chapel, York, Library, High Streets
95:267York, Chapel, Park, Elm
95:269168, 178 Prospect and 61 Mansfield: Mansfield, Sachem, Prospect Streets
95:272Pierson-Sage Square
95:277Elm, College, Wall, High Streets
95:282Elm, College, Wall, High Streets
95:290Elm, College, Wall, High Streets
95:292Elm, College, Wall, High Streets
95:315Campus with President's House, no Timothy Dwight, Berkeley, Calhoun Colleges
95:316Campus with Timothy Dwight College, Berkeley College, and President's House
95:325Chapel, Park, Broadway, Lake Place, canal, Prospect Pl., Prospect, Trumbull, Whitney, Church Streets
95:326Edwards, Prospect, Highland, Livingston Streets
95:346Insurance map of Campus
95:358Bethany, CT properties
95:376Insurance map of Campus
95:386Insurance map of Campus
95:420Broadway, Ashmun, Grove St. Cemetery, Trumbull, Temple, Wall, York Streets--plumbing
97:1Roy D. Chapin (non-Yale)
97:2Simeon E. Baldwin house at 44 Wall Street (non-Yale)
97:3Tapping Reeve House, Litchfield, CT (non-Yale)
98:1Thesis project of Victor M. Reynal: Library
98:2Thesis project of Porter McCray: Addition to Art Gallery

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