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Alexandre Polovtsoff papers

Call Number: MS 403

Notes, manuscripts, and transcript copies of Alexandre Polovtsoff's (1867-1934) writings after his emigration from Russia in 1918. Included are autobiographical materials, articles on Russian art, the imperial palaces, and Russian historical figures; also, translations of the Journal de Voyage en Russie by Francisco de Miranda, and The Curse of Wit by A. S. Griboedov.

Dates: 1918-1934

Postcards and printed ephemera documenting the Italian occupation of Ethiopia

Call Number: MS 1898
Abstract: The collection comprises primarily postcards, most of a racist propaganda nature; several press photographs; and printed ephemera depicting the Italian wars in Ethiopia, as well as present day Somalia and Eritrea. Included are materials relating to the First Italo-Ethiopian War (1895 to 1896) and the Second Italo-Abyssinian War or the Second Italo-Ethiopian War which lasted from October 1935 to May 1936, with the occupation lasting until 1941. The result was the annexation of Ethiopia into...
Dates: 1895-1950

Postcards documenting the German occupation of East Africa

Call Number: MS 1899

The collection consists of forty-eight black and white postcards from the Belgian Propoganda Ministry following the invasion of German East Africa in 1917. Although German forces in German East Africa were never defeated, the postcards show 'Occupied' German East Africa.

Dates: 1917-1918

Project Maje records

Call Number: MS 2039
Abstract: The contents of the Project Maje collection reflect the professional and research interests of human rights advocate and author Edith Mirante, and draw upon more than three decades of her work in and on the border regions of Burma (Myanmar). The bulk of the materials center on issues of human rights and indigenous communities in Burma’s northern and western frontiers; petroleum multinationals, deforestation, and environmental issues; and more general documents attending to the Burma’s...
Dates: 1960-2005

Sergei Germanovich Pushkarev papers

Call Number: MS 1418

The papers include manuscripts, writings, memoirs, correspondence, and other papers documenting the literary and academic career, as well as the personal life, of Sergei G. Pushkarev.

Dates: 1925-1984

Leyzer Ran collection on the Jewish communities of Vilna and Kovno

Call Number: MS 2043

The collection consists of over two hundred hand-written, printed, or mimeographed documents from the Jewish community of Vilna (Vilnius), as well as about twenty documents from Kovno (Kaunas) and a few sent to Vilna from other places. Material types include letters, announcements, poems, essays, invitations to cultural events, circulars, newsletters, by-laws, and reports of various communal organizations.

Dates: 1886-1941, bulk 1919-1932

Réunion collection

Call Number: MS 1535

The collection consists of printed material relating to political and social conditions in Réunion.

Dates: 1969-1992, bulk 1972-1986

Emir Rodriguez Monegal papers

Call Number: MS 1750

The papers consist of correspondence and subject files related to the professional life of Emir Rodriguez Monegal as an expert in Latin American literature and language.

Dates: 1959-1985, 1959-1985

Joaquim Sancho papers

Call Number: MS 2080
Abstract: Papers of Joaquim Sancho, a Spanish Civil War soldier fighting for the Republican cause. The bulk of the collection comprises Sancho's correspondence, spanning from the period of his military service in the Regular Spanish Army, No. 55, VIII Grupo and the 4th Company, 103rd Mixed Brigade, through his time as a prisoner in a Nationalist concentration camp. Before Sancho’s capture, he typically wrote in Catalan, and during his capture he wrote in Spanish. In addition to correspondence, the...
Dates: 1936-1945

Seychelles collection

Call Number: MS 1540

The collection consists of printed material relating to political conditions in Seychelles.

Dates: 1938-2013, bulk 1957-1995

Asher Lewis Shane collection

Call Number: MS 1774
Abstract: The collection which consists of about 800 items, includes primary source material relating to the communal life of British Jewry from the middle of the 19th century up to the 1970s. Of particular interest are the publications of synagogues in London and other centers of Jewish life in England commemorating special occasions in the life of the congregation or major events taking place in Great Britain. These include sermons preached by the local rabbi, editions of special prayer services in...
Dates: 1850-1970

Celia Shapiro papers

Call Number: MS 1684
Abstract: The papers include the correspondence, writings, and memoirs of Celia Kamenetzky Shapiro and her husband, Boris Shapiro. Most of the papers are in Russian, with some Yiddish- and English-language material as well. Correspondence includes letters and postcards, primarily from the 1930s, to Celia and Boris Shapiro from friends and colleagues in Prague and Paris. Celia Shapiro's diaries and memoirs describe her journey to England, Germany, and the Soviet Union, with interesting observations on...
Dates: 1904-1967

Shemuʼel ben Avraham Daṿid ha-Ḳaṭan papers

Call Number: MS 2031
Abstract: The collection consists of items from the estate of Rabbi Shemuʼel ben Avraham Daṿid ha-Ḳaṭan Kaufman Me-Rabenu, spiritual leader of the Hasidic Kaminka-Myropil community. The papers contain four volumes of Rebbe Shemuel’s handwritten novellae and commentary on the Torah and Talmud. The collection also includes visa applications, passports, recommendations, and other documents related to the immigration of the rebbe and his family to the United States, as well as a few photographs and a...
Dates: Circa 1920-1938.

Roberto Sierra Papers

Call Number: MSS 144

The Papers consist mainly of music and programs. Clippings, correspondence and other documents are also included. The collection should be considered partial, as Sierra is currently an active composer.

Dates: 1982-2017

Vladimir Sokolov-Samarin materials concerning his resignation from Yale University

Call Number: RU 851

The records consist of letters (some written in Russian), newspaper clippings, and articles documenting Vladimir Samarin's participation in pro-Nazi and anti-Semitic efforts in the Soviet Union, and Samarin's resignation from his post as a Yale Russian literature lecturer.

Dates: circa 1972-1988

Somalia collection

Call Number: MS 1542

The collection consists of printed material and photographs relating to political, economic, and social conditions in Somalia.

Dates: 1904-circa 2005

South and Southeast Asian broadside collection

Call Number: MS 2003
Abstract: This collection primarily consists of late nineteenth to early twentieth century newspaper broadsides focused on Siam and Dutch, British, and French colonial empires in South and Southeast Asia. Sources for the broadsides are primarily The Illustrated London News, Le Petit Parisien, and Le Petit Journal. Recurring topics include the European travels of Siam’s King Chulalongkorn and his...
Dates: 1800s-1930

Aleksandr Ivanovich Spiridovitch papers

Call Number: MS 359

The papers consist of writings and research materials dealing with Russian history, particularly the Romanov dynasty, Rasputin, and the origins of the Russian Revolution. Also included are materials on Peter the Great and the Jews in the Russian revolutionary movement.

Dates: 1890-1950

Syrian poster collection

Call Number: MS 1813

The collection consists of forty-eight posters from Syria dealing with political, cultural, and health topics.

Dates: 2000-2002

Tangier Rabbinate collection

Call Number: MS 1773
Abstract: This collection consists primarily of official documents of documents from the archives of the rabbinate of Tangier, Morocco, from the 1920s to the 1970s. The documents are thought to have been the possession of Grand Rabbi Yamin Cohen. They consist mostly of official rabbinical correspondence and legal documents from the Tangier rabbinate, the rabbinates of other Moroccan and foreign Jewish communities, and the successive Spanish, French, and Moroccan civil administrations. They deal with...
Dates: 1920s-1970s