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The Isidor Achron Papers

Call Number: MSS 68
Overview: Music, correspondence, photographs, and additional materials by and about the composer and pianist Isidor Achron (1892-1948).
Dates: 1922-1989 (inclusive)

Adelina Carola Appleton Papers

Call Number: MSS 128
Overview: Music and other materials by Adelina Carola Appleton (1886-1958).
Dates: 1890-1921

The AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company Papers Related to Charles Ives

Call Number: MSS 149
Content Description: This collection contains correspondence, company memos, and insurance documents. Also included are programs, biographical information, clippings and press releases - ostensibly collected by the insurance company archives. Of particular interest is Charles Ives' own life insurance policy, and training materials that Ives created for his employees.
Dates: 1914-1986

The Leonard Woolsey Bacon Papers

Call Number: Misc. Ms. 54
Overview: Music and correspondence by the American composer and physician Leonard Woolsey Bacon, Jr. (1865-1939)
Dates: 1887-1926

The Parker Bailey Papers

Call Number: MSS 34
Overview: Music, correspondence and other writings, photographs, and additional materials by and about the American composer, pianist, and lawyer Parker Bailey (1902-1982).
Dates: 1899-1977 (inclusive)

Earl Banquer Collection

Call Number: MSS 80
Overview: Music for woodwind ensemble, arranged by or composed for Earl Banquer.
Dates: 1960-2001 (inclusive)

The James G. Barnett Papers

Call Number: MSS 58
Overview: Music and other papers by and about the British-American composer, conductor, and organist James G. Barnett (d. 1885)
Dates: 1845-1896 (inclusive)

The Marshall Bartholomew Papers

Call Number: MSS 24
Overview: Music, correspondence and other papers, and miscellaneous materials by and about the American choral conductor and teacher Marshall Bartholomew
Dates: 1929-1966 (inclusive)

Enrico Batelli Papers

Call Number: MSS 92
Overview: The Enrico Batelli Papers consist primarily of manuscript scores and parts for Batelli's original musical compositions and arrangements of music by other composers. The papers also contain manuscript and printed music by other composers, including several by Batelli's teacher, Paolo Serrao, plus a small number of biographical materials.
Dates: 1896-1944

Selected Compositions of Robbins Battell

Call Number: Misc. Ms. 157
Overview: Music composed or arranged by Robbins Battell (1819-1895)
Dates: 1863-1898

The H. Leroy Baumgartner Papers

Call Number: MSS 22
Overview: Music and other materials by and about the American composer, organist, and teacher H. Leroy Baumgartner (1891-1969)
Dates: 1908-1980 (inclusive)

Hans L. Bilger Papers

Call Number: MSS 95
Overview: Music by the American composer Hans L. Bilger (1896-1968)
Dates: 1918-1939 (inclusive)

Ruth Bracher Papers

Call Number: MSS 124
Overview: Ruth Bracher was an alumna of the Yale School of Music. Her collection contains correspondence, clippings and photographs.
Dates: 1918-1974

The Leonard Burkat Papers

Call Number: MSS 25
Overview: Correspondence, music, and photographs by and about the American music librarian, critic, music administrator, recording executive, and program annotator Leonard Burkat (1919-1992)
Dates: 1943-1981 (inclusive)

The Ernest Trow Carter Papers

Call Number: MSS 40
Overview: Music, correspondence, photographs, and additional materials by and about the American composer, conductor, and organist Ernest Trow Carter (1866-1953)
Dates: 1879-1974 (inclusive)

Rocky Clark Papers

Call Number: MSS 132
Overview: Rocky Clark was a journalist who wrote about the jazz scene in Southern Connecticut. As the first president of the Dixieland Society of Southern Connecticut, his papers document the activities of this organization. Also represented in the collection is some coverage of the Intercollegiate Jazz Festival at Quinnipiac College. Clark collected a large number of jazz-related photographs for his features, which are also included in the collection.
Dates: 1949-1976

The Samuel Coleridge-Taylor Collection

Call Number: Misc. Ms. 290
Overview: Music and correspondence by the African-English composer Samuel Coleridge-Taylor (1876-1912)
Dates: 1899-1912

D. Russell Connor collection of Benny Goodman interviews

Call Number: MSS 143
Overview: The collection is comprised of recorded interviews with and/or about Benny Goodman, compiled by D. Russell Connor.
Dates: 1952-1993

The Marie Corelli Collection

Call Number: MSS 19
Overview: Manuscript scores of songs composed by or otherwise connected to the British author and musician Marie Corelli (1855-1924)
Dates: 1880-1927 (inclusive)

Donald Currier Papers

Call Number: MSS 109
Scope and Contents: The materials in the collection relate to Currier's career as a pianist and faculty member at the Yale School of Music. Included are letters, programs, reviews, lecture notes, posters, and a few photographs. Currier included a number of sound recordings with his Papers. These include solo performances by Currier, and collaborations with other Yale School of Music faculty members. To access these recordings, please contact the Historical Sound Recordings department.
Dates: 1948-2009