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United Campus Christian Fellowship Records

Call Number: RG 254
Overview: The United Campus Christian Fellowship was a national, Protestant, ecumenical organization that existed between the years 1960-1968.
Dates: 1953-1969

United Ministries in Higher Education Records

Call Number: RG 104
Overview: Organizational and program materials of the UMHE and related bodies provide an overview of three decades of Protestant campus ministries. United Ministries in Higher Education was established in 1964, emerging out of the United Campus Christian Fellowship, a body that represented the student Christian movements of four Protestant denominations. By 1968 six more denominational agencies had joined the UMHE. In 1979 UMHE changed its name to United Ministries in Education, joining with Ministries...
Dates: 1942-2002

United Ministries in Higher Education Records - Addendum A

Call Number: RG 104A
Overview: Organizational and program materials of UMHE and related bodies provide insight on Protestant campus ministries. United Ministries in Higher Education was established in 1964, emerging out of the United Campus Christian Fellowship, a body that represented the student Christian movements of four Protestant denominations. By 1968 six more denominational agencies had joined the UMHE to promote ecumenical cooperation in religious work among college and university students. In 1979 UMHE changed its...
Dates: 1960-1991

United Mission to Nepal records

Call Number: RG 212
Overview: This record group represents the official archives of The United Mission to Nepal, a Christian INGO working exclusively in Nepal since 1954 . The UMN has sought to bring medical services, education, skills training, engineering, industry, hydro power development, agriculture and rural development to Nepal, mainly in the central and western development regions of the country.
Dates: 1949-2014

United States Catholic China Bureau Records

Call Number: RG 194
Overview: This record group consists of periodicals on China collected by the United States Catholic China Bureau as subject resources for its work, as well as material documenting the program activities of the Bureau. These periodicals document the Christian church in contemporary China.
Dates: 1976-2011

United Student Christian Council records

Call Number: RG 239
Overview: These records document the administrative history and program activities of the United Student Christian Council. The USCC was a national, federated group that sought to support and coordinate the student Christian work of various Protestant denominations, the YMCA, YWCA, Student Volunteer Movement for Foreign Missions, and the Interseminary Movement. The two main functions of USCC were to be the North American link to the World Student Christian Federation, and to work as a clearing house for...
Dates: 1938-1960

University Christian Movement in New England Records

Call Number: RG 88
Overview: The papers include correspondence, reports and minutes, printed material, and financial material. They constitute the official archive of the organization from its formation in 1967. The papers contain information about the local Christian ministries' programs of various colleges and universities in New England and document issues that were of concern to college students during the turbulent late 1960s and 1970s. These papers fit into a line of documentation at YDSL of religious work among...
Dates: 1918-1990

University Christian Movement in New England Records - Addendum A

Call Number: RG 88A
Overview: This addendum to the main collection of the University Christian Movement in New England Records (see Record Group 88) contains all the remaining material belonging to the organization that was not submitted to Yale University in 1998. This collection, composed of historical documents, correspondence, reports, minutes of meetings, printed material, financial invoices, photographs, slides, an audio tape, as well as other...
Dates: 1886-2000

University Christian Movement Records

Call Number: RG 235
Overview: The University Christian Movement was an ecumenical student Christian organization in the USA that existed between the years 1966-1969. The UCM was the successor to the National Student Christian Federation. It was the U.S.A. member of the World Student Christian Federation and a related movement of the National Council of Churches of Christ in the USA. UCM sought to be a student movement that would unite the academic community through social action. The organization dissolved in 1969 due to a...
Dates: 1955-1995, bulk 1966-1969

Katherine Vaughn Papers

Call Number: RG 31
Overview: Correspondence, writings, collected material and photographs document the work of Katherine Vaughn with the YWCA in Guangzhou (Canton) and Shanghai, China from 1920-1930.
Dates: 1920-1930

Camilo José Vergara Collection of Urban Church Ephemera

Call Number: RG 234
Overview: This collection contains church bulletins, brochures, event notices, newletters, fans, and other ephemera documenting urban churches in America,primarily dating from 2000-2004. These materials shed light on the weekly activities of churches, their pastors and leaders, worship services, and outreach efforts. They provide a fascinating snapshot of religion in urban America.
Dates: 1993-2004, bulk 2002-2004

Paul Herman Vieth Papers

Call Number: RG 59
Overview: Writings, notes, and subject files document Vieth's career as a student and professor of Religious Education at Yale. Paul Vieth was a Yale Divinity School professor in the field of Religious Education from 1931 to 1963.
Dates: 1919-1974

Edward James Vorba Papers

Call Number: RG 97
Overview: Looseleaf notebooks of sermons, prayers, and programs document Vorba's work as a Congregational minister. Edward James Vorba, a 1947 graduate of the Yale Divinity School, was a pastor at churches in Iowa, Vermont, Florida, Connecticut, New York, and Pennsylvania from 1947 to 1985.
Dates: 1946-1985

Carl and Elisabeth Wahl Papers

Call Number: RG 192
Overview: Regular and substantive correspondence as well as writings and biographical information provide an excellent picture of the lives and work of the Wahls. Carl and Elisabeth Wahl served as missionaries in China under the Evanglical Church. They were first stationed in Shenzhou (Shenchow) and later in Tongren, Guizhou (Tungjen, Kweichow Province) (now Guizhou) at the Ming Teh Boys' School. Following Carl's untimely death in 1934, Elisabeth returned to China as a teaching missionary until forced to...
Dates: 1908-1944

Wakefield Family Papers

Call Number: RG 183
Overview: Correspondence, writings, and collected material document the life and work of Arthur Paul Wakefield and family, including information regarding medical work in China and interactions with Chinese colleagues, among them Francis C. M. Wei. Arthur Paul Wakefield was a medical missionary serving in China under the Disciples of Christ and Episcopal mission agencies from 1905 to 1927. He served at Luchowfu Hospital in Anhui (Anhwei) province from 1912 to 1919 and at Boone College, Central...
Dates: 1904-2000

George Leon Walker and Williston Walker Papers

Call Number: RG 51
Overview: Correspondence, diaries, notes and writings of George Leon and Williston Walker form the core of the collection and provide extensive biographical information. They detail the activities of a typical New England clergyman during the second half of the 19th century and provide information on national news, political events, the Civil War, slavery, financial news on currency and taxes, and daily weather conditions. Also included are records of sermons preached and pastoral records. George Leon...
Dates: 1722-1979

Horace Waller Papers

Call Number: RG 72
Overview: The papers supplement and provide supporting detail for the major collection of Waller papers located at Rhodes House Library in Oxford, England. These papers document the Zambezi expedition of David Livingstone (1813-1873) and the early history of the Universities' Mission to Central Africa. Waller's friendship with Livingstone is apparent in their correspondence. Waller's deep interest in Africa and...
Dates: 1858-1896

Duane and Marian Waln Papers

Call Number: RG 181
Overview: Journals, correspondence, and mission station "diaries" provide thorough and detailed documentation of work at the Chilesso Station of the ABCFM in Angola from 1905 to 1962. Also of interest in the collection are Duane Waln's papers on the Ovimbundu people and their customs, Umbundu language grammars and dictionaries, writings of the Walns relating to life on Chilesso Station and biographies of the native Christians. Duane and Marian ("Peggy") Waln were American missionaries in Angola from 1929...
Dates: 1905-1962

War Emergency Council on Student Christian Work Records

Call Number: RG 99
Overview: The records document the effect of war time emergency measures on student religious work on college and university campuses throughout the United States during the years 1942 to 1944. The War Emergency Council on Student Christian Work was established in 1942 to deal with the readjustments made necessary by the impact of World War II on college and university campuses. The Council collected and disseminated information, arranged regional consultative conferences, and worked as an intermediary...
Dates: 1941-1945

Washington Office on Africa Records

Call Number: RG 105
Overview: Publications, correspondence, reports, statements, and collected material document the work of the Washington Office on Africa and the issues addressed by its work. The Washington Office on Africa was founded in 1972 to support the movement for freedom from white-minority rule in southern Africa. Its activities have included the monitoring of Congressional legislation and executive policies and actions, as well as the publication of action alerts and other documentation designed to advance...
Dates: 1966-1994