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Picture frames and framing

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 8 Collections and/or Records:

Edward Burne-Jones Letters to John Ruskin

Call Number: MSS 56

The collection comprises letters from Edward Burne-Jones to John Ruskin, written from 1862 to ca. 1889.

Dates: 1862-ca. 1889

Dante Gabriel Rossetti letter to Ellen Heaton, 1863 November 11

 Item — Box 1, Folder: 63.97
Call Number: MSS 47
Scope and Contents: Rossetti tells Heaton he will return the Bethlehem Gate piece she has sent to him as he cannot detect "any alteration whatever" in the work. Rossetti similarly finds Dante's dream unchanged but says he knows how he can revise it and greatly improve it. He states he can heighten its colour and removed the "stiffness, smallness of execution" in the work but that it would take a week or a fortnight to change and could...
Dates: 1863 November 11

Edward Burne-Jones letter to John Ruskin, 1880s?

 Item — Box 1, Folder: 6
Call Number: MSS 56
Scope and Contents: "My Blessed, Do maids dust your pictures - and if so do they treat you as I am treated? Every morning my engravings, pictures, all my treasures hanging on the wall look like this: [Pen-and-ink sketch of pictures hanging off-kilter on the wall]. Every evening I set them straight and look at them longingly like this: [Sketch of Burne-Jones reclining on a sofa with straightened pictures behind him on the wall]. And every morning again: [Sketch of Burne-Jones crouched below his pictures hanging...
Dates: 1880s?

John Ruskin letter to Ellen Heaton, 1855 February 9

 Item — Box 1: [Barcode: 39002106121412], Folder: H.3
Call Number: MSS 46
Scope and Contents: Ruskin has acquired Turner's Walls of Rome for Heaton, having "no hesitation in ranking this as among the nine or ten best vignettes which Turner ever executed." Ruskin comments on the qualities of the Walls of Rome and of the Berne. He recommends at once "to have these two vignettes framed so as not to touch the glass -- and pasted in at back to keep out Leeds smoke. The least yellowing in the...
Dates: 1855 February 9

John Ruskin letter to Ellen Heaton, 1855 February 12?

 Item — Box 1: [Barcode: 39002106121412], Folder: H.4
Call Number: MSS 46
Scope and Contents:

"I write in great haste to tell you to be sure not to have the pasteboard on which the vignettes are drawn, cut, as you would much diminish their market value by doing so … whatever you do -- do yourself -- on no account let them out of your house, or into the hands of any mounter or framemaker whatsoever."

Dates: 1855 February 12?

John Ruskin letter to Ellen Heaton, 1855 mid-February?

 Item — Box 1: [Barcode: 39002106121412], Folder: H.5
Call Number: MSS 46
Scope and Contents: Ruskin writes that he cannot advise Heaton on matters of framing, as he has "never yet framed a picture to [his] liking." He offers further praise of Turner's Walls of Rome. He advises against the purchase of his "Venice folios." He concludes: "I am sorry to say I mean't & mean what I say of art to separate it from other pursuits. Music helps religious feelings in thousands. Politics ... are a part of Religion. Pictorial art is too...
Dates: 1855 mid-February?

John Ruskin letter to Ellen Heaton, 1857 January 24

 Item — Box 1: [Barcode: 39002106121412], Folder: H.58
Call Number: MSS 46
Scope and Contents: This letter outlines Ruskin's negotiations for two sketches and a vignette, all by Turner, on Heaton's behalf. He begins by reiterating that it is too wet to send the works to her today. Ruskin goes into to great detail about the course of the negotiations. Ruskin ends by praising Turner's Calais depictions and gives Heaton further advice on preserving, mounting and exhibiting the works in her collection. Ruskin details the price for the three works and asks Heaton to let him know as soon as...
Dates: 1857 January 24

John Ruskin letter to Ellen Heaton, 1857 March?

 Item — Box 1: [Barcode: 39002106121412], Folder: H.71
Call Number: MSS 46
Scope and Contents: "I meant, by sketches, the Post's at Sunset -- and the rock on the coast of Genoa -- & the Ehrenbreitstein all of which are safely yours. The latter are nearly drawings but still hasty : very fine. -- I will have them framed for you -- as well as Aldborough. I am trying various experiments in framing & hope to get them prettily done. -- Nothing can be better than the subject you have chosen of...
Dates: 1857 March?