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Subject Source: Art & Architecture Thesaurus
Scope Note: Refers to books containing the daily, personal accounts of the writer's own experiences, attitudes, and observations. Use "journals (accounts)" when referring to an individual's or an organization's account of occurrences or transactions.

Found in 325 Collections and/or Records:

Diary, 1857 August 22-September 14

 Item — Vol. 6: [39002106142350]
Call Number: MSS 28
Scope and Contents: Holograph diary describing Ellen Fenton’s family vacation at Boulogne-sur-Mer, 1857. Includes seventeen pages of watercolor drawings and pen & ink sketches of local people, scenery and landscapes to accompany journal descriptions. This volume contains one drawing by Fenton’s daughter ‘Deeny’ of a “Boulogne Procession,” and the unfinished and varying quality of this volume’s sketches suggests that some of the other Fenton children may have made contributions. A funeral notice for “Mme...
Dates: 1857 August 22-September 14

Diary, 1857 September 14-September 29

 Item — Vol. 7: [39002106142368]
Call Number: MSS 28
Scope and Contents: Continuation of Ellen Fenton’s holograph journal, describing a family vacation at Boulogne-sur-Mer, 1857. Includes twenty-eight pages of watercolor drawings featuring local people, scenery and landscapes to accompany journal descriptions. This volume also contains a hand-written list of “Objects [sic] Cassée” [broken objects], most likely charged to Fenton by her landlord at the conclusion of the family’s stay.Although she extols the simplicity and ‘picturesque’ nature of the...
Dates: 1857 September 14-September 29

Diary, 1860 July 17-August 11

 Item — Vol. 8: [39002106142376]
Call Number: MSS 28
Scope and Contents: Holograph journal describing Ellen Fenton’s family vacation at Boulogne-sur-Mer, 1860. Includes eleven pages of watercolor drawings of local people, scenery and landscapes to accompany journal descriptions. On page eleven, Fenton also includes a sketch of the Colonnade ballroom floor plan. This volume contains letters from Fanny Crawford and Officer Crawford (of the 15th Bombay Regiment), clippings of “The Pope’s Irish recruits” from 27 July 1860 and “To Englishmen Settling in Boulogne” and a...
Dates: 1860 July 17-August 11

Diary, 1862 August 25-September 9

 Item — Vol. 9: [39002106142384]
Call Number: MSS 28
Scope and Contents: Holograph journal describing Ellen Fenton’s family vacation at Boulogne-sur-Mer, 1862. Includes 42 pages of watercolor drawings of local people, scenery and landscapes to accompany journal descriptions--the most numerous of all of her volumes. This volume contains three clippings, “The Nouveau Riche in Boulogne” (September 24, 1862), “Our Leader of Last Week” (October 1), a brief synopsis of the burlesque “A Fuss Amongst the Fogies” (October 8), along with letters to the editor. It also...
Dates: 1862 August 25-September 9

Diary, 1781

 Item — Volume Reynolds 38: Series 2
Call Number: MSS 30 , Series II
Scope and Contents: Inscribed: "A Painter's Journal through Flanders, Brabant, Holland, and part of Germany. June 24, 1781." Cased with Reynolds 37.
Dates: 1781

Diary, 1854 September 14-22

 Item — Vol. 2: [39002106142319]
Call Number: MSS 28
Scope and Contents: Continuation of Ellen Fenton’s holograph diary detailing her family vacation at Boulogne-sur-Mer, 1854. Includes fourteen pages of watercolor drawings of local people, scenery and landscapes, all of which illustrate journal descriptions. Also includes one receipt for “Lemoisson-Desille, Porcelaine, Cristaux, et Verrerie.” Inscribed on back cover: “Written by Ellen Fenton, Haven Green House, Ealing, London, 1854.”Volume 2 picks up Fenton’s journal in mid-September of 1854, with a...
Dates: 1854 September 14-22

Diary Fragment

 Item — Vol. 10(a)
Call Number: MSS 28
Scope and Contents: A loose page from a diary, most likely from Volume 9 (1862) or later. A watercolor drawing of “our last ball” shows Dall dancing in the officer’s quadrille.
Dates: 1854-1862

Diary Fragment

 Item — Vol. 10(b)
Call Number: MSS 28
Scope and Contents: Loose pages of a journal by Ellen Fenton. This diary describes life in Ealing, England, suggesting that Fenton kept diaries when in England, separate from her Boulogne travel diaries. This fragment also indicates that her son “Dick” (Adolphous) worked for his father at John Fenton & Co. wine merchants.
Dates: 1854-1862

Diary of Harriet Carr (Deacon), 1869

 Item — 1: Series 2, Folder: 3
Call Number: MSS 8, Series II
Scope and Contents: The first part of the diary describes a family holiday to Bath and Lynmouth in August and September 1869. Harriet describes her family's enjoyment of the beach and natural scenery of the area. The family took several day trips to nearby locations, where Harriet purchased some souvenirs, including photographs.The second part describes the family's journey to France and Italy from 24 November to 10 December, 1869. Harriet provides sketches of Roman history when recording her...
Dates: 1869

Dickins family papers

Call Number: OSB MSS 302
Overview: The Dickins Family Papers contains correspondence, writings, legal documents, and other papers relating to Rachel Dickins, Thomas Eden Dickins, and other members of the Dickins family, as well as diaries, poetry, and a collection of fifteenth through seventeenth century charters with seals. Other materials in the collection relate to James Bean, an assistant paymaster with the East India Company in the Philippines in 1764, Captain William Wilkinson, a financial agent to Sir George Hay, and...
Dates: 1449-2000 and undated, bulk 1449-1899

James Taylor Dickinson papers

Call Number: MS 183
Overview: Missionary and teacher in Singapore, 1835-1844. Correspondence, a journal covering his years in Singapore, genealogical notes, a Malay lexicon and a Chinese-English vocabulary. Principal correspondents are Lyman Beecher, Horace Dickinson, Mercy Amelia Dickinson, Horace Greeley, Edward Everett Hale, Mary Ann Moseley Dickinson Perkins, and Lebbeus B. Ward.
Dates: 1821-1884

Albert Dodd papers

Call Number: MS 1343
Overview: Diary kept by Albert Dodd while at Yale College (1836-1837) describing his relations with men and women, a manuscript of his poetry (with printed engravings of Hoboken and Manhattanville), and three letters to his family from Bloomington, Illinois (1841-1844) where he had gone to practice law. The letters describe modes of travel, hunting, the habits of wolves, and conditions of health and hygiene in the area. Included also is Dodd's obituary from the Hartford Daily Times, June 1844.
Dates: 1836-1844

Owen Dodson collection

Call Number: JWJ MSS 103
Scope and Contents: The Owen Dodson Collection consists of correspondence, writings, diaries, photographs, artwork, and posters that document the life and work of American playwright and poet Owen Dodson. The bulk of the material was created and accumulated by Owen Dodson in the course of his activities as an author and theater director, though portions of the collection were acquired from other sources.
Dates: 1896-1982, bulk 1936-1982

Dwight and Ferris family papers

Call Number: GEN MSS 468
Overview: The papers span the dates 1711-1951, and the bulk of material concerns three individuals: Timothy Dwight (1694-1771), Theodore Dwight (1796-1866), and Eleanor Augusta Ferris. The papers of Timothy Dwight document events of Dummer's War and the management of Fort Dummer in 1724-25, as well as his later work as a surveyor and Judge during the period of dispute over boundaries and administration of the New Hampshire Grants. The papers of Theodore Dwight include a diary or notebook containing...
Dates: 1711-1951

Dwight family papers

Call Number: MS 187
Overview: The papers consist of correspondence, financial records, addresses, sermons, writings, photographs, and other memorabilia of Yale President Timothy Dwight (1752-1817) and his family. Relatives in the Edwards, Hooker, Lyman, Strong, Woodbridge, and Woolsey families are represented. The largest quantity of correspondence documents the family life of John William Dwight, a fertilizer manufacturer. Papers of Timothy Dwight (1752-1817) and Timothy Dwight (1828-1916) concern Yale University. The...
Dates: 1713-1937

Edwards family papers

Call Number: MS 191
Overview: Correspondence and scrapbooks of the fourth and fifth generations of the family of Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758) chiefly relating to their health and welfare. Includes the correspondence of Jonathan Edwards (1789-1875), a politician from upper New York State; his brother-in-law, George Champion, a missionary to the Zulus in 1838; and his son, Jonathan Edwards, Jr. (1841-1886), who studied medicine but did not practice and who edited Yale's catalogue of Greek and Roman coins. Subjects covered in...
Dates: 1805-1874

Jonathan Edwards collection

Call Number: GEN MSS 151
Overview: The collection consists of writings, correspondence, documents, printed materials, photographs, and artifacts documenting the lives and work of Jonathan Edwards and his family. Jonathan Edwards' papers contain the great majority of his surviving manuscripts. These include over one thousand sermons; private theological and philosophical notebooks, including the nine volume "Miscellanies" and four volume "Notes on the Scripture;" Edwards'interleaved Bible. In addition, there...
Dates: 1696-1972, bulk 1726-1758

Louis Rinaldo Ehrich papers

Call Number: MS 1349
Overview: The papers consist of diaries (two volumes) describing Louis Ehrich's junior and senior years at Yale College and his participation in the life of the Jewish communities of New Haven and New York. Also included in the papers is a scrapbook of memorabilia of his student years at New Haven Hopkins Grammar School and Yale College, 1865-1869.
Dates: 1862-1911

George Eliot and George Henry Lewes collection

Call Number: GEN MSS 963
Overview: The collection includes correspondence by, to and about George Eliot and George Henry Lewes. There are four journals, one diary, several notebooks with notes for a projected novel, quotes, poetry, and early school essays all belonging to George Eliot, accompanied by reviews and scripts of dramatizations of Daniel Deronda in the 1920s and 1970s. With three journals, nine diaries, and notebooks with research notes belonging to George Henry Lewes, accompanied by...
Dates: 1834-1981

Jacob Eliot family papers

Call Number: MS 193
Overview: Diaries of Jacob Eliot with marginal notes relating to people in Boston, Massachusetts, and Lebanon, Connecticut, 18th century preachers, books, sermons, a meeting of the General Association of Connecticut, the Great Awakening, and the Trumbull and Williams families. Includes papers of Ellsworth Eliot (1864-1945), physician, of New York City, with material he collected in writing books; letters from Fitz Greene Halleck, S. F. B. Morse, Robert Sherman, and Eli Whitney; and legal documents...
Dates: 1716-1945