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Subject Source: Art & Architecture Thesaurus
Scope Note: Books or pads of blank sheets used or intended for sketching, which are informal or rough drawings.

Found in 26 Collections and/or Records:

Botanical watercolors, 1880-1881

 Item — 2: Series 1, Folder: 14
Call Number: MSS 6, Series I
Scope and Contents: Contains works signed "S.C.P.", the initials of Sarah Charlotte Pease. The botanical studies are done in watercolor throughout. Flowers depicted include roses, coneflowers, bush honeysuckle, Capsicum, lilies, poppies, and Buddleia. Several of the pieces are labeled "Ben Welldene," which was the home of the Hodgkin family, into which Sarah eventually married. Benwell Dene was designed by Alfred Waterhouse for Dr. Thomas Hodgkin, who later donated the house to the Royal Victoria School for the...
Dates: 1880-1881

Charles Robert Leslie album, 1850

 Item — Vol. 2: Series 1
Call Number: MSS 15, Series I
Scope and Contents: The spine of the volume bears a paper label inscribed: "Sketches by C.R. Leslie, R.A., selected by G.D.L. [i.e. George Dunlop Leslie] '06."The album comprises 103 drawings or groups of drawings by Leslie, all on small sheets affixed to blank leaves in the album. These includes 66 drawings in pen and ink (frequently over graphite) and 37 drawings in graphite; 8 of the drawings include some addition of watercolor.Most drawings are unsigned and without labels. There are...
Dates: 1850

Charles Robert Leslie sketchbook, circa 1820-1859

 Item — Vol. 1: Series 1
Call Number: MSS 15, Series I
Scope and Contents: Inscribed at front: "C.R. Leslie. No. 8 Buckingham Place, Fitzroy Sq., London, Jany. 1815." The album includes a mixture of texts and drawings. Texts include: "Extracts from Grose's Antiquities, continued from my sketch book dated July 9th, 1813"; "Extracts descriptive of the festivities of May Day"; and various notes on Hall, Browne (his Britannius pastorals), Borlose, Brand (his...
Dates: circa 1820-1859

Diary, 1856 August 20-September 2

 Item — Vol. 4: [Barcode: 39002106142335]
Call Number: MSS 28
Scope and Contents: A continuation of Ellen Fenton’s holograph journal describing a family vacation at Boulogne-sur-Mer, 1857. Includes twenty pages of watercolor drawings of local people, scenery and landscapes to accompany journal descriptions. This volume contains three playbills, for: Une femme qui se jette par la fenetre, La Dame de St-Tropez, and Le Bonhomme Jadis. Also containing: a letter from Mr. Atkinson; a hand-drawn music score...
Dates: 1856 August 20-September 2

Drawings: Nice, France, 1874

 Item — Oversize 1: Series 1, Folder: 1
Call Number: MSS 6, Series I
Scope and Contents:

Contains drawings in graphite and gouache, of scenes around Nice, France. The subject matter includes rural scenes and local residents, landscapes, mountain and waterfront views, and architectural features.

Dates: 1874

Drawings: Scotland, 1849

 Item — 1: Series 1, Folder: 4
Call Number: MSS 6, Series I
Scope and Contents: Contains graphite and watercolor seascapes and landscapes, with scenes of Scottish towns and lakes. The sketches vary in degree of completeness. There are views of Marske-by-the-Sea, where the Joseph Pease family had a holiday residence called Cliffe House. One sketch, labeled “Meeting House, Easington,” is not signed and, based on slight differences in style and in handwriting, seems possibly to have been made by a different artist. Other locations depicted include: St. Andrew’s Church in...
Dates: 1849

Flower drawings, 1882

 Item — 2: Series 1, Folder: 8a
Call Number: MSS 6, Series I
Scope and Contents: Consists of two graphite drawings by Helen Blanche Pease within the following published work: Hulme, F. Edward. Flower Painting in Water Colours. London: Cassell & Co., [1881?]. The front endleaf is inscribed: Helen Blanche Pease, 1 Jany. 1882. Hulme authored several series of this title, circa 1880-1885. The present volume appears to be the first series. The title pages and other preliminaries have been neatly excised in this copy. It retains all 20...
Dates: 1882

Graphite drawings and watercolor sketches of miscellaneous subjects, chiefly landscapes in South Africa., 1848?

 Item — 1: Series 1; Series 2; Series 3; Series 4 [Barcode: 39002106196117], Folder: 4
Call Number: MSS 11, Series III
Scope and Contents: Inscribed: "R.P. Norris." A piece of paper has been pasted onto the inside cover, with a note in ink reading, "Robert Provo Norris/Killed in Action 1851/ (Kaffir War)." Many of the sketches are dated 1848, which suggests that most of the content dates to this year.Multiple sketches appear within the volume, including watercolor landscapes and graphite portraits. Norris depicts "Simon's Town, from the North Battery" in a particularly striking graphite landscape. He sketches a map...
Dates: 1848?

Mary Leslie sketchbook (1), 1865

 Item — Vol. 3: Series 1
Call Number: MSS 15, Series I
Scope and Contents: The album is inscribed at front: "Eleven drawings & two cuttings, 1865." In fact, the album comprises 16 drawings and two cut-paper works, to which have been inserted three additional sheets containing five more drawings. About half of the drawings are finished in watercolor. Most of the drawings depict young ladies in various fashions; some depict children. The two cut-paper works depict a wading bird and a semi-abstract collection of flowers. At the end is tipped in a printed page of...
Dates: 1865

Mary Leslie sketchbook (2), circa 1860-1900

 Item — Vol. 4: Series 1
Call Number: MSS 15, Series I
Scope and Contents: This small sketchbook contains 72 mounted illustrations, which include pen and ink drawings, graphite sketches, watercolors, and cut-paper works.The cut-paper works include finely detailed textual and graphic pieces, such as a small mounted image of flowers and thistles which bears the legend, "Dieu et mon Droit." Another cut out piece depicts the scene of a hunt (perhaps inspired by the paintings of Stubbs), with a ferocious lion leaping to sink his teeth into a racing...
Dates: circa 1860-1900

School drawing book, circa 1840?

 Item — 2: Series 1, Folder: 9
Call Number: MSS 6, Series I
Scope and Contents:

Contains varied drawings in graphite and watercolor. They are generally skillful drawings, with graphite landscapes and watercolor botanical studies. Most of the landscapes depict rural and/or possibly local scenery, with one of them labeled “Darlington.” Many of the drawings and paintings here mirror those in her sister Emma’s sketchbook of the same period (Box 1, Folder 2).

Dates: circa 1840?

Sketchbook, 1824

 Item — Vol. 1
Call Number: MSS 16
Scope and Contents: Inscribed “Mary Parker / Sweeney at Oswestry— / 1824” on front pastedown. The sketchbook contains graphite and watercolor sketches of scenes in the vicinity of her family’s home, Sweeney Hall, in Oswestry, Shropshire, on the border of Wales. It also includes sketches of picturesque sites from North Wales, such as the Llyn Peninsula and the countryside about Conwy. Mary displays a marked interest in Gothic architecture, as well as in recent technological developments, seen in her sketches of...
Dates: 1824

Sketchbook: botanical drawings and rural scenery, 1840-1845

 Item — 1: Series 1, Folder: 2
Call Number: MSS 6, Series I
Scope and Contents: Inscribed, "Emma Gurney Pease--from her dear Grandmamma Gurney, 1840." Contains graphite sketches of rural scenery and botanical studies in watercolor. The works are generally accomplished, with detailed graphite drawings and carefully painted watercolors. Emma’s work seems to show a stronger aptitude in, or even preference for, graphite pieces. The scenes depicted in the sketches include images of rural cottages, architectural ruins, and studies of tree leaf patterns. Many of the images in...
Dates: 1840-1845

Sketchbook: Dieppe, 1814

 Item — 1: Series 1, Folder: 1
Call Number: MSS 6, Series I
Scope and Contents: Inscribed "E. Gurney" in graphite on the cover. Contains graphite sketches of scenes from a trip that Emma took with her family to Dieppe, France, in 1814. From images of the voyage across the Channel, Emma moves on to make several sketches of local scenery, residents going about their daily tasks, and regional costume. Most of the pieces are not completed, but a few are more finished than others. Some of the drawings are part of an additional smaller sketchbook, here bound in. Towards the...
Dates: 1814

Sketchbook formerly attributed to Sir Joshua Reynolds, late 18th century

 Item — Volume Reynolds 40: Series 2
Call Number: MSS 30 , Series II
Scope and Contents:

Sketchbook including sketches once believed to be in preparation for Mrs. Siddons as Tragic Muse.

Dates: late 18th century

Sketchbook (portfolio): Scotland, Switzerland, etc. , 1849-1889

 Item — 1: Series 1, Folder: 5
Call Number: MSS 6, Series I
Scope and Contents: Emma Gurney Pease made sketches over a number of years using this book. Because the design was such that individual pages could be removed, most of the sketches sit loose inside the covers. Most sketches are in graphite alone. Some are in graphite with the addition of sepia or indigo wash and gouache. There are a few pieces in full color watercolors. Many items appear fully finished, while some of the others have shading/coloration notes that indicate that Emma intended to come back and...
Dates: 1849-1889

Sketchbook: scenery and domestic objects, 1854-1857

 Item — 2: Series 1, Folder: 8
Call Number: MSS 6, Series I
Scope and Contents:

Contains graphite drawings of scenery and domestic objects. Francis Richard Pease began this sketchbook when he was roughly 10 years old. Drawings are dated from 1854 to 1857. The drawings of scenery depict houses and other buildings, including churches and ruins. Objects drawn include a press, a stool, a model tin pump, an easel, and a vase.

Dates: 1854-1857

Sketchbook: Scotland, 1853

 Item — 1: Series 1, Folder: 7
Call Number: MSS 6, Series I
Scope and Contents: Contains graphite drawings from a family trip to Scotland in 1853. The majority of pages in the sketchbook are blank. One sketch is labeled as having details added by "A. Lloyd," presumably a friend of Emma's. As is typical for Emma, the subject matter is that of scenes from nature or views of villages and architectural features from a distance. The sketches are mostly very complete and include a panoramic waterfront view done over two facing pages. Locations depicted include: Stirling, the...
Dates: 1853

Sketchbook: Scotland and Wales, 1870s

 Item — 2: Series 1, Folder: 12
Call Number: MSS 6, Series I
Scope and Contents: Contains graphite and watercolor sketches documenting travels in Scotland, primarily. The subjects of Lady Pease’s work include waterfront views, scenes of rolling hills and vegetation, studies of local residents, and architectural features. Most of the sketches are completed in watercolor. Some pieces depict scenes from Falmouth, Wales, where the Peases had a home called Kerris Vean. Labeled scenes include: Loch Bulig, Mar Lodge, Cluny Lodge Braemar, Behind Lions Face Cluny, Lemorran Creek,...
Dates: 1870s

Sketchbook: seascapes and landscapes, circa 1850

 Item — Oversize 1: Series 1, Folder: 2
Call Number: MSS 6, Series I
Scope and Contents:

Contains graphite drawings and watercolors of waterfront views and rural architecture. The drawings vary in degree of completeness, but show a range of interest and fairly skillful handling. Two inserted drawing by Emma Gurney Pease depict Mulgrave Castle, in Yorkshire, and a scene from Marske by the Sea. Both are done in graphite and watercolor.

Dates: circa 1850